We push the power of design.  To its limits.

​We love design.  We live design.  We breathe design.  We think design.


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By Design.

Innovation. Technology. Precision.

Blending our design concepts & technical expertise with technologies harnessed from around the globe, we create a world-class design concept for your product. We then proactively involve ourselves in prototyping, testing to specifications, fine-tuning the design to further elevate its performance/functionality and liaising with suppliers to organise tools for efficient manufacture & assembly of your product. We build three robust pillars for your product to firmly stand upon for years to come.

With more than 30 years of hands-on product design experience in the engineering industry, gained while working directly in various multinational companies on design & development projects for products & product systems from the diverse fields of automotive engineering, medical engineering, business products engineering and consumer products engineering, we have just recently established ourselves in Melbourne as an independent industrial design and product engineering consultancy. Young at heart and mature by experience, we mastermind the design projects for your products & product systems - commencing with a fully-explored & analysed research, going through iterations of designing-prototyping-testing cycles and, finally, concluding with an user-delighting product running smoothly in series production and well beyond.

At Trimiti Moebius Design, we take the time to work out the best-balanced outcome for your objectives: a balance not just between the three obviously-important targets of product quality, project cost and delivery time, but also between the oft-discounted softer goals of upfront product analysis & market research, effective ergonomics & human interface, safety, visual communication, design for optimised manufacture & assembly and, most importantly, an engaging experience for the end-user. We get actively involved at all stages of product design and engineering, including market research, design concepts generation & development, customer approvals, materials & manufacturing/assembly processes selection, production-level 3D models & 2D drawings, mockups & prototypes trials, toolmakers & suppliers liaison, parts approvals and early runs of pilot production series.​​

Let's talk design ... at a finer detail level.