We push the power of design.  To its limits.

​We love design.  We live design.  We breathe design.  We think design.


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We speak design language. We exploit the power of design to bring your product ideas into reality.​​

Experience the power.

Trimiti Moebius Design is a young and international-award-winning Australian industrial design and product engineering consultancy that operates at both ends of the industry scale - local and global. Based in Melbourne, we work closely with our customers worldwide to determine business opportunities-strategies, drive creativity and execute turnkey design projects for products & systems that ultimately provide a lasting business growth to our customers and a delightful use-experience to the end-users.

Conceptual and Technological Innovation is our forte. We develop creative ideas/concepts and drive high-precision design solutions through mass production and beyond upto successful fruition, using our decades of experience in industrial design and product engineering within the global manufacturing industry.

We enjoy the challenge of generating creative concepts, solving problems, developing new products or improving your existing ones, nurturing innovation and driving ideas - yours & ours - to achieve their true potential. Overcoming technical barriers, pushing boundaries and stretching the horizons is a way of life - all in a day's work indeed - for us at Trimiti Moebius Design.